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  Topsnap – Simply the best mouse trap!
  Problems caused by mice:

Contamination of rooms, food and feed through droppings and urine
Chewed food, supplies, furnishings
Chewed electric wires that may lead to breaks in electric supply, damage to machinery and potentially fires
Transmission of pathogens to humans and domestic pets

Topsnap - the indoor mousetrap
It is important to control mouse infestations at the early stages in order to reduce proliferation of the population as well as extensive damage and contamination.

Topsnap has been developed by Andermatt BioControl of Switzerland after many years of research to find an efficient reliable trap as an alternative to using toxic baits. (for more information about Andermatt BioControl,  go to

Made from high quality stainless steel components and heavy duty plastics, the trap is very user friendly and efficient when used in indoor areas.

Mice are lured into the trap, where two independent trapping mechanisms (consisting of two separate trigger plates and striker bars) are positioned. Mice are attracted through their natural curiosity or by adding food materials such as peanut butter, chocolate spread or even traditional  cheese!

Once they touch the trigger plate, the striker bar is released, killing the mouse instantly.

For the highest possible catches, position the Topsnap trap along the pathways used by the mice so that the entrances are in-line with walls or other objects.

Advantages of Topsnap mouse trap
High quality product made from stainless steel and heavy duty plastics
Innovative trapping system for use in indoor/sheltered areas
Easy to use, fast and simple to set from the outside of the trap in
one single action
Indicators show whether trap has been activated
Easy to empty, no contact with the catch
Safe for use around children, domestic pets and foodstuffs
Avoids the use of toxic baits

Traps are individually packed and cost:

£ 45.00 excluding VAT and delivery and carry a 5 year guarantee
Delivery Cost:
£3.00 (1st class postage)

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